Born into a historic lineage of tailors and dressmakers, Kula grew up in Rhodes, Greece around traditional craftsmen, fabrics, embroidery, lace and machinery. She began fulfilling her own creative prophecy by moving to Nottingham’s prestigious Lace Market and creating a studio space reflective of her own unique work and prolific skills.

Kula’s work appeals to the exuberant and vivacious eclectic woman who has a strong sense of self that she would like to be portrayed on the day that will be remembered as the most significant of her life up to that point.

The expertise at Kula Tsurdiu  is defined not just by the extensive knowledge of fashion history and techniques, but also by the feelings and emotions that garments of different types and eras can evoke and project. This is coupled with a gift that Kula has of being able to tailor those feelings for the specific personality of each of her clients.

These feelings and emotions require a precise consideration of materials and fabrics in order to see them actualised in a gown. Beautiful French and Nottingham laces and opulent appliqué embellishments alongside historic corsetry techniques bring relevance to the whole range of Kula’s work from the masterfully sculptured to the delicately floaty, accommodating every type of bride whether she is fashion forward, romantic, an extrovert individual or considered minimalist. Even minimalism requires a complex design.

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