Hello There Beautiful,

Welcome to the world of Kula Tsurdiu. Here at the Lace Market Boutique we do all things bridal a little differently. We know your wedding dress is incredibly important. You’ve likely dreamed about your dress and your big day since you were a little girl. Here at The Lace Market Boutique we take that seriously, offering a variety of services to ensure every Kula Bride receives a dress of dreams which is perfect and unique to them. 

The expertise at Kula Tsurdiu allows us to successfully accommodate every type of bride. A Kula bride is unique. She is fashion forward, romantic, traditional, alternative, extroverted, shy, a minimalist, a rebel, a kindred spirit, a free thinker; a Kula Bride is a one of a kind woman. At Kula Tsurdiu, we know your wedding dress is a personal garment, which is about style, personality, and feeling. A Kula gown is designed to tell the bride’s story; guaranteeing she feels beautiful, special, and most importantly, herself on her big day.


Kula’s studio is located in Rhodes, Greece where each dress is handmade by Kula Tsurdiu and her small team of skilled seamstresses.

At Kula Tsurdiu, we pride ourselves in the quality of our gowns.Every Kula Tsurdiu gown is made with the finest fabrics. Kula Tsurdiu uses Nottingham lace, in addition to using a selection of French and Spanish laces in her designs. Each bride has the option to specify which fabrics or laces they prefer their gown to be made with. 

Our Services

~Ready-To-Wear Gowns~

~Made-To-Measure Service~

~Bespoke Gown Service~

 The exclusive Lace Market Bride Boutique offers a range of services and products. Our boutique specializes in stocking Nottingham Lace, Bespoke Accessories and Handmade Cards.